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2012-01-03 - Lavollée SA : Sales Agent for X-Rite Industrial Applications
X-Rite Méditerranée, subsidiary of X-Rite Incorporated, global leader in color science and technology, announces the partnership with Lavollée SA, a company specialized in importation and exclusive distribution specialty chemicals and minerals for various industrial French markets, as Sales Agent for X-Rite industrial applications in France. « In addition to our current ingredients/raw material portfolio, this partnership with the global leader in the color industry provides to our sales and technical teams active in market segments such as cosmetics, paints, plastics, food and pharmacy, very innovative color control equipment that will strengthen our existing image of increasing performance and productivity solution provider for our customers. X-Rite’s unique innovation in non-contact color control was determining in our decision to diversify our activity in control equipments » says Hervé Ory Lavollée, President of Lavollée SA. « We are glad of this partnership with Lavollée SA who has shown for many years his strategic position on cosmetics, coatings, paints, plastics markets, etc. » says Valérie Chédru, Industrial Sales Director in France and North Africa. « We are convinced of the reliability, expertise and huge knowledge of the market of Lavollée SA who will meet the expectations of French industrial customers on their color control needs ».
Cristal Union, Mane and Lavollée SA to invest in the Stevia sector throughout the whole process: from plant cultivation to the marketing of high-quality extracts.
2007-07-01 - Lavollee Chimie in the Top 100 !
In its Jully issue, the french economic magazine “L’Entreprise” and Ernst & Young, has included in rank 57 our company in the TOP 100 middle cap companies classified for their last 3 years expansion and profitability !
2007-02-18 - ISO 14001:2004
Lavollée Chimie and Sipa Berthier companies have been both IS0 14001 certified by SGS.
2007-01-01 - Schülke & Mayer gives the distribution to Lavollée Chimie
Schülke & Mayr the german leader for Biocide and preservatives is giving to lavollée Chimie the distribution of its products for France. The main industries using thse type of products are cosmetics, metal working fluids, coating, detergents etc. The main brand are Euxyl, Sensiva, Grotan.
2005-11-04 - ISO 9001
The ISO 9001 has been confirmed by SGS after a follow up audit. Lavollee chimie was congratulated for the improvement of its quality control system and its management of the quality.
2005-05-20 - Adice
Lavollée Chimie corporation has just bought the Business of Adice company which distributed raw materials for coating, food and cosmetics industries. Clara de Bellegarde who was in charge of the commercial development joined from now Lavollée Chimie.
2005-03-31 - VEEGUM PURE
"VEEGUM PURE - New Grade for all cosmetic formulations certified "organic" - Non Irradiated - No preservative or additive substances - Bacteriological Guarantee"
2005-02-18 - COLOR CLAY
New Cosmetic Range of Products : COLOR CLAY Complete range of natural coloured clays, from the Mediterranean Area. 7 colours are available and these clays contain all minerals that skin needs. Do not hesitate to ask for samples and detailed informations.